One Organic

Promoter: One Organic Partnership

One Organic Partnership is a private business firm dealing with agriculture based products. At present, the startup is focusing on mainly turmeric products and specialty tea. The turmeric production unit will start functioning my mid-2019 at Lengte EPIP Centre.

The upcoming product to be launched is the organic turmeric tea in form of tea bags. This will target on the high-end health conscious market and will be positioned as a skincare and health product.

In specialty tea segment, the firm hired Mr. Parag Hatiburua, a distinguished Tea Taster (ITMA Faculty)to develop the startup‟s Darzo handmade tea as well as tea marketing to launch the label „One Organic Darzo‟

Detail Contact :
Tuikual South
PIN: 796001
Ph: 9999176275